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Tournament Master Chum by VooDoo Offshore's is America's No.1 selling chum. Made from double ground fresh (never frozen) caught North American Menhaden. Tournament Master Chum is the only chum infused with VooDoo Offshore Menhaden Milk. Tournament Master Chum is available through our many distributors in 7 lb. boxes, 1 gallon pails, 2 gallon buckets and 4 gallon square buckets. All of Tournament Master Chum buckets come with a chum bag.

chum, tournament master chum, menhaden chumAll species of game fish respond in varying degrees to chum. For consistently successful anglers, chumming has become an art form and has practically evolved into a science. One thing is for sure, effective chumming techniques definitely produce more fish.

When it comes to commercially ground chum, menhaden is the key ingredient. Menhaden are prolific baitfish which exist in huge schools on both sides of the Sunshine State as well as up and down the Atlantic coast. Depending on your geographic location, menhaden take on colloquial names like pogies, LYs or bunkers. Many anglers consider these oily fish to be premier bait and all agree that live, dead, whole, cut up or ground, just about everything that swims is attracted to and eats menhaden. The aromatic oil in their flesh produces a potent odor thatís a powerful scent attractor and hard for any fish to resist.

There are a number of factors you should consider when purchasing menhaden chum. Voodoo Offshore's Tournament Master Chum can be purchased in either coarse ground or finely ground, the difference being the following. Commercial fish houses grind coarse chum through 5/8 inch holes and itís slightly more affordable than finely ground chum as the manufacturing process is not quite as labor intensive. Finely ground chum which is commonly referred to as double ground chum, is forced through smaller holes and the machines must operate at a slower pace, thus increasing the per pound cost. The advantage to double ground chum is that the entire block is utilized and nothing goes to waste.

Another consideration should be purchasing menhaden chum which is infused with menhaden milk. A number of manufacturers do add pure menhaden oil to their chum, Voodoo Offshore Tournament Master Chum actually adds Menhaden Milk. The difference is menhaden oil floats on the surface and does benefit in creating a large surface slick but thatís about all it does. Menhaden Milk on the other hand, is emulsified during its manufacturing process thus allowing the Menhaden Milk to sink and create an enticing slick throughout the entire water column, not just on the surface. Voodoo Offshore Tournament Master Chum infuses it's Menhaden Milk directly into their chum as its being ground.

Voodoo Offshore's Tournament Master Chum is always ground from fresh caught North Atlantic menhaden, never frozen, and always packed in leak proof containers and "vapor guard" master cases to retain freshness and exacting labeled wieght on our computerized packing line.

Our 5/8" grind Green Tournament Master Chum is packaged in 7 lb. blocks, 1 gallon pail (in a chum bag) 2 gallon bucket (in a chum bag) or 4 gallon square bucket (with or without chum bag)

The Voodoo Offshore Blue Tournament Master Chum double ground 1/4" grind is available in 7 lb. blocks and excellent for both fishing for snapper, grouper and flounder, and excellent for keeping bait in top condtion in bait pens. Note that we recommend a fine mesh bag for this chum.

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